Two Approaches to Health: Which Is For Me?

Two Approaches to Health: Which Is For Me?

It’s likely that you know at least one person who is very susceptible to illness, who catches colds upon the slightest contact or who seems to be sick nonstop. You likely also know someone who is the opposite, rarely getting sick even when it seems likely. Have you ever wondered what makes them different?

The answer may lie in the differences between salutogenesis and pathogenesis. While you may have never heard these terms, they’ve had a lifelong effect on your health and wellbeing. These terms refer to different paradigms of addressing health, and the approach you’ve been using may have to do with how often you get sick, how well you recover, and your overall health. By embracing an approach that focuses on prevention, rather than addressing sickness as it happens, and prioritizes overall health, a Rochester Hills chiropractor may be the key to this divide.

What Is Pathogenesis?

It’s likely that most of your life, you have been using the approach of pathogenesis without knowing it. This framework has to do with how we feel. We may know when we are about to get sick or when something is off in our bodies, which is what triggers us to reach out to doctors and alleviate symptoms. Most responses here will focus on covering up any pains, stopping any inconveniences, and trying to encourage the sickness to pass with intervention and medication. The key to pathogenesis is that we felt something and reacted to it after that feeling appeared.

What Is Salutogenesis?

Salutogenesis is rooted in the belief that we will not always know when something is wrong with our bodies or, by the time the symptoms appear, the problem has already occurred. Rather than waiting for this to happen and then treating symptoms, salutogenesis is preventative and proactive. Many chiropractors, such as Dr. Thomas Madigan and Dr. Brendan Shanahan, utilize this holistic approach. By providing chiropractic adjustments to remove any spinal misalignments, this approach seeks to optimize overall function of the body and improve health. This can often fix small issues that have not yet manifested as symptoms, preventing you from ever needing to explore pathogenic options, or lessening the need for them at the very least.

Which Is Better for Me?

In many case studies, it’s been indicated that when a person is cared for from a holistic level with a salutogenetic approach, their stress level is reduced overall, and they may suffer from fewer symptoms and illnesses. Just like healthy relationships and a positive outlook improve health, both mental and physical, healthcare that is focused on these things can improve outcomes as well. Chiropractic care can offer a new outlook on your health and your routines that can prevent many problems from even occurring in the first place. But if they do occur, seeking natural options through salutogenesis may be a better first step than going directly into pathogenesis and isolating the issue.

At Vitality Precision Chiropractic, the focus is on overall health and ensuring that the approach of salutogenesis is used to help practice members. Dr. Thomas Madigan and Dr. Brendan Shanahan offer

gentle adjustments that will improve your wellbeing. To begin trying the approach of salutogenesis today, make your first appointment.

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