Technology in Our Office: sEMG and Thermography

Here at Vitality Precision Chiropractic, we are committed to keeping up with the latest technology to ensure our practice members are receiving the absolute best chiropractic care. We believe that scientific, neurologically-based care leads to more precise and specific adjustments, which in turn results in optimal health and body function. Since we strive to provide our practice members with their best chance at health and wellness, we utilize sEMG and thermography technology in our office.

What Is sEMG?

sEMG stands for surface Electromyography, and this piece of technology is used to measure the electrical activity within your muscles. The tension that is detected by sEMG shows us where spinal misalignments may exist. This is because our muscles tend to brace and contract in response to subluxations, so increase electrical activity means something is amiss.

sEMG technology is pain-free, quick, and incredibly safe. It can be used on all people, including young infants and pregnant women, to help chiropractors gain an understanding of muscle tension around the spine of a practice member. The results of a scan will show different colors by each vertebrae and each color has a different meaning about the muscle tension in that area.

What Is Thermography?

Thermography in a chiropractic office involves measuring the temperatures around the spine to look for spinal misalignments. When a subluxation is present, nerve interference is present, leading to increased blood flow. This increase of blood flow creates a higher temperature in the muscles and skin in the immediate area, which is detected and recorded by a thermography scan.

Generally speaking, our skin temperatures should be consistent and even from one side of the body to the other. However, when we have a spinal misalignment, there will be a significant temperature difference on one side of the misaligned vertebra, which will be detected by a thermography scan and used by your chiropractor to more precisely adjust your spine.

Why Are sEMG and Thermography Necessary?

While neither piece of technology is absolutely vital to good chiropractic care, they both allow us to take our scientific and neurologically-based approach one step further. Not everyone needs or can have x-rays done, and sEMG and thermography allow us to locate and pinpoint the exact location of any subluxations in order to provide the most precise and accurate adjustment.

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