Our Technique

Our Technique

At Vitality Precision Chiropractic, Dr. Brendan and Dr. Tom utilize a neurologically-based, gentle and specific chiropractic technique called Torque Release Technique, or TRT. This technique is ground-breaking in the world of chiropractic, as it is the gentlest and least intrusive technique in the history of chiropractic. It combines the best features of a variety of other chiropractic techniques to create an incredibly effective philosophy of care that embraces the mind-body connection and the body’s self-healing properties.

What Is TRT?

Unlike what many people think of chiropractic, TRT does not utilize harsh twisting, cracking, or popping. Instead, it utilizes an instrument called an Integrator, which is a small hand-held instrument that gently presses and twists on the body, allowing low-thrust and incredibly specific adjustments. TRT adjustments are never forceful or painful, but they are always incredibly accurate and effective.

How Is TRT Different Than Other Techniques?

Since manual adjustments administered by hand require physical strength of the chiropractor, they can often be too harsh or not powerful enough, leading to ineffective adjustments. Additionally, a hand cannot be as precise or exact in an adjustment, due to the sheer surface area of a hand versus an Integrator.

TRT is focused on helping your body heal and correct itself, so after a few small Integrator adjustments, the rest of your spine and nervous system is able to further correct itself. These types of adjustments are easier on your body and less forceful, leading your body to accept them more easily without negatively stressing your nervous system.

How Does TRT Work?

During an initial assessment of your spine, a TRT chiropractor will look at your feet and leg length while your head is in various positions. Your body shows patterns of contraction in your hips and legs that mirror muscle tension and interference in your central nervous system, so your chiropractor can pinpoint the exact location of spinal misalignments by testing the muscle changes in your legs and feet.

After this assessment, TRT doctors will adjust you with the Integrator, releasing muscle tension around the spine and therefore reducing interference in the nervous system. The recoil, torque, and quickness are the most vital parts of a TRT adjustment as they create an appropriate and beneficial response in the body. Not only will it help remove the subluxations and nerve interference in your spine, but it will encourage your body to further correct any other nervous system issues, leading to more effective and prolonged health. The nerve endings of the spinal column are immediately affected by a TRT adjustment, which means that it is less about spinal manipulation and more about nervous system stimulation.

When you’re ready to explore this state of the art chiropractic technique, give your local Rochester Hills chiropractors a call at Vitality Precision Chiropractic.

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