Can Chiropractic Care Help My Allergies?

While spring is the most problematic time of year for most allergy sufferers, fall comes in a close second. Between ragweed, mold, and other common fall allergens, this glorious time of year can be seriously clouded by allergy symptoms, sickness, and misery.

Maybe you don’t have seasonal allergies but year-round allergies or food allergies. The way your body recognized and reacts to allergens of any kind is similar, and chiropractic care can make a huge difference in the lives of those living in Rochester Hills and the surrounding area.

What Happens in My Body During an Allergic Reaction?

When your body detects an allergen, it begins creating antibodies. Those antibodies react with other cells in your body that then create an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can be as minor as a rash or itchiness, or it can be as severe as breathing problems, seizures, and life-threatening complications. While the general idea behind allergies—that is, protecting your body from a possibly dangerous foreign invader—is good, the attack on the allergens is usually unnecessary, in that the allergen is not actually harmful.

The Brain, the Spine, and the Immune System

It is unnecessary for your body to overreact so harshly to an allergen, which leads us to believe that there is something wrong inside the body of a person with allergies. An allergic response is linked to the immune system, which is responsible for protecting the body from harm, and the immune system is linked to the brain via the spinal cord.

The brain uses the spinal cord to send messages to other parts of the body, including the immune system. So when there is some sort of nerve interference or interruption in the communication pathway, the messages aren’t sent or received properly. This interruption and communication breakdown, generally manifested in a spinal subluxation, leads to improper body function, including various health problems, pain, and yes, allergies.

In order for messages to be sent and received properly in the body, the spinal cord needs to be free of nerve interference. This can only happen when the spine is in proper alignment, making the spinal cord free to transfer messages throughout the entire body, encouraging proper communication and optimal function.

Chiropractic Care for Allergy Relief

Dr. Brendan and Dr. Thomas are Rochester Hills chiropractors who have extensively studied the connection between spinal subluxations and overall health. They have seen first-hand how allergy sufferers can benefit from chiropractic care, and they would love the opportunity to help you find relief from your allergies. When you visit Vitality Precision Chiropractic in Rochester Hills, you’ll find freedom from allergy symptoms and you’ll see that allergies no longer have to control your social life, your diet, or your outdoor recreation.

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