4 Ways Chiropractic Strengthens Your Immune System

Chiropractic focuses on the spine, which protects the spinal cord, which controls the nervous system. Your nervous system works with your immune system to help your body heal when sick or injured, fight off bacteria and viruses, and adapt to changing environments. Optimal immune health comes from optimal nervous system health, which is rooted in your spine.

It Allows Proper Communication to Your Immune System

Messages are sent throughout your body via your nervous system, which is primarily housed within your spinal column in your spinal cord. When your immune system needs to act, whether by releasing antibodies, discharging hormones, or increasing production of white blood cells, the brain needs to send a message to make that happen. If you have interference in the communication pathways (that is, the spinal cord), the message may not arrive at its destination, or it may arrive distorted. When you’re under regular chiropractic care, your spinal column will be aligned and there will be little to no nerve interference in your nervous system, allowing for proper communication between your brain and immune system.

It Helps You Get Sick Less Often

When you get sick, your body is fighting off an invader that it deems dangerous. Most medications tend to eliminate the invader immediately, leaving your body with an inability to know how to fight it off if it attacks again. Chiropractic focuses on optimizing whole body function, meaning that your body will have the ability and opportunity to fight off a dangerous invader, and it will be able to do so effectively, quickly, and thoroughly. The next time that invader approaches you, your body will kick into high gear and eradicate the invader promptly, oftentimes before you even realize it was present.

It Helps You Get Over Sicknesses Faster

Optimal immune health means fewer and less severe sicknesses, but it also means faster recovery when you do get sick. Chiropractic care has been shown to increase the body’s antibody levels, which are important in maintaining health. When we create more antibodies, we can use more, and we can then fight off sicknesses easier.

It Helps Your Mindset Change

When you realize that chiropractic works to minimize sick days and maximize your health, and when you realize that you don’t have to take another medication or have another surgery to feel better, you start looking for other ways to improve your health and immune system function. Your mindset will shift from sickness care to actual health care, and you’ll embrace new ways of optimizing your immune system and whole body health.

If you want more information on how chiropractic can strengthen your immune system, or if you’re ready to get started with chiropractic care, give Dr. Brendan and Dr. Tom a call at Vitality Precision Chiropractic.

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