4 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Improve Sports Performance

If you like to work out or are an athlete that works hard to perform well in your sport, then you know how important it is to always be improving your skills. Whether you are just beginning to get into athletics or are a veteran pro at working out, you can always use more tips to continue to get better and better. In order to perform to your very best ability, it is critical that you stay healthy and injury-free, as well. Many athletes are turning to chiropractic care to increase their health and wellness, as well as to improve their athletic abilities. Professional athletes have seen such amazing results from regular chiropractic care that about 90% of them now incorporate chiropractic care into their regular wellness routines. If professional athletes are experiencing results, imagine what chiropractic care from a Rochester Hills chiropractor could do for you to improve your sports and athletic performance.

Promotes Healing and Recovery After Injuries

Injuries can seriously affect an athlete’s ability to compete. Some can even be career-ending. But with chiropractic care, recovering and healing from injuries can happen more quickly and more efficiently. Because chiropractic care is neurologically-based, gentle chiropractic adjustments remove spinal misalignments to improve the function of the central nervous system, meaning the body is able to utilize its self-healing properties to heal injuries faster than ever before without nerve interference disrupting the body’s ability to communicate.

Improves Workouts

Working out and building muscle strength and control is important to athletic ability. After a workout, muscles are broken down to create new cell growth that strengthens muscles. With regular chiropractic care from Rochester Hills chiropractors Dr. Thomas Madigan and Dr. Brendan Shanahan, the body can recover more quickly from a workout to improve recovery time and increase strength so that you can get the most out of your workouts every time.

Leads to Increased Response Time, Agility, and Balance

Chiropractic case studies show that athletes can improve their response time, agility, and balance when they commit to regular chiropractic care. One case study found that out of 50 athletes, half of whom were under chiropractic care and half of whom weren’t, those getting regular adjustments were able to achieve significant improvements in each of these three categories over the athletes who weren’t under chiropractic care.

Reduces Sickness and Improves Overall Health

It’s no secret that you can’t perform at your best level if you are sick or unhealthy. Don’t risk missing practices, workouts, or important games because of illness. Chiropractic care from Dr. Madigan and Dr. Shanahan of Vitality Precision Chiropractic can also improve immune system function so that you can fight off sickness or even prevent illness before it begins so you can perform your best every single time.

If you are looking for ways to improve your athletic performance, consider adding regular chiropractic care to your regimen and see the improvements in not only your athletic ability, but also your overall health and wellness. Contact the office of Vitality Precision Chiropractic to set up an appointment.

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