4 Things to Know About Chiropractic Care for Menstrual Health

4 Things to Know About Chiropractic Care for Menstrual Health


Menstrual cycles for many women can bring a lot of pain to an already unenjoyable time of the month.  Monthly cycles can cause bloating, back pain, cramping, bladder or bowel problems, and even mood swings and irritability.  For many women, menstrual cycles can also be irregular, leading to hormonal imbalance or problems with fertility.  Medicine can help alleviate painful symptoms during a menstrual cycle, but the relief from pain is only short-lived as symptoms return once medication wears off. If you are looking for a long-term solution to improve painful menstrual cycle symptoms or regulate cycles, turn to a Rochester Hills chiropractor for natural, safe, and long-lasting results.


Chiropractic Care Improves Central Nervous System Function

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system.  The nervous system is responsible for controlling most functions of the body, and communication between the brain and the rest of the body’s systems is key. Any disruption can lead to dysfunction, such as irregular menstrual cycles, painful cycles, or infertility.  Spinal misalignments can cause nerve interference that does just that.  Misalignments of the spine block necessary communication between the spine and the reproductive system or endocrine system, causing hormones levels to be out of whack.  Rochester Hills chiropractors Dr. Thomas Madigan and Dr. Brendan Shanahan can adjust the spine to remove spinal misalignments and minimize interference.  Without interference, the central nervous system can function optimally for improved menstrual health and increased overall wellness.


Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

Many women suffer from dysmenorrhea, which is painful cramping during menstrual cycles.  Other symptoms that can occur during a menstrual cycle include headaches, bloating, muscle aches, and joint pain.  Poor spinal health can only increase these symptoms and can exacerbate painful cramping.  But regular chiropractic care to improve spinal health not only effectively reduces premenstrual symptoms, but can also increase fertility during childbearing years.


Chiropractic Care Can Restore Regular Cycles

While some women experience heavy cramping or irregular cycles, some women experience no cycle at all.  This is called amenorrhea and can be a sign that something significant is wrong.  Women without a menstrual cycle will almost always have trouble with infertility or hormonal imbalances.  Spinal alignment is necessary for the reproductive and endocrine system to function optimally.  Dr. Shanahan and Dr. Madigan of Vitality Precision Chiropractic work to correct spinal alignment and restore regular menstrual cycles.  Women who experience infertility have an increased likelihood of getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term with restored menstrual health through chiropractic care.


Chiropractic Care Does More Than Just Improve Menstrual Health

Chiropractic care does wonders for menstrual health, but it has many other benefits as well.  Regular chiropractic adjustments will improve overall health and wellness, too.  It can help ease headaches, promote regular sleep habits, decrease stress, and alleviate back pain, to name a few.  Being proactive about your health with chiropractic care is a great way to improve your health and also decrease the likelihood of health conditions occurring before they start.  If you are experiencing problems with your menstrual health or with other health conditions, contact Vitality Precision Chiropractic to learn more about chiropractic care for health and wellness.

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