3 Ways Stress Affects Your Health and How to Manage It

If you are alive and breathing, then you have experienced stress at some point in your life. Sometimes life just gets hectic and stress happens.  But did you know that too much stress can have a negative impact on your health?  Before stress leads to bigger problems, address your stress and find a way to manage it.  Regular visits to a Rochester Hills chiropractor is a great way to reduce stress and improve your health.


Stress Causes Physical Reactions

If we experience too much stress, it may cause our bodies to have a physical reaction.  For example, high levels of stress can lead to hair loss, muscle spasms, mouth sores, skin problems, headaches, or digestive issues.  If stress continues, it can even lead to serious health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or anxiety.  Stress can also cause adrenal fatigue.  When we experience adrenal fatigue, our organs aren’t getting the nutrients they needs to function properly, which can lead to emotional problems such as depression or physical problems such as back pain.  Thankfully, we don’t have to let stress take over our lives.  Combat stress with chiropractic care.  Dr. Brendan Shanahan and Dr. Thomas Madigan of Vitality Precision Chiropractic have successfully helped many people manage stress more effectively and live a healthier life.


Stress Weakens the Immune System

High stress levels over a long period of time will weaken the immune system.  When the immune system isn’t functioning at high levels of health, our bodies are more susceptible to sickness.  Too much stress can also releases the hormone cortisol, which, in excessive amounts, leads to a slew of other health concerns.  Chiropractic care not only reduces stress levels, but it also improves the function of the immune system so that your body can fight off sickness, sometimes before it even begins.  It’s a win-win all around.


Stress Leads to Nerve Interference

Spinal misalignments can also affect stress levels.  Misalignments of the spine, twisted or turned vertebrae, can cause nerve interference which affects both physical and emotional stress.  At Vitality Precision Chiropractic in Rochester Hills, Dr. Madigan and Dr. Shanahan can remove spinal misalignments through gentle adjustments, getting rid of nerve interference and reducing stress levels.  Removing nerve interference also ensures that your body is able to communicate properly so that every part of the body is working as it should.  When your body can function without interruption, your health improves so you can feel your very best.


If stress is affecting your life, fight back with chiropractic care.  Contact Vitality Precision Chiropractic today to combat stress and improve your overall health.

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