3 Components of Insomnia that Chiropractic Care Can Help With

3 Components of Insomnia that Chiropractic Care Can Help With

Do you or someone you care about have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep each night? It seems as though many individuals view sleeplessness as par for the course nowadays. Our lives tend to be so hectic, our schedules so packed, and our minds so full when we lay our heads down to sleep. It is no wonder that many can’t attain the sleep they require to operate to their fullest the next day. Sleeplessness, sleeping difficulties, and various levels of insomnia are issues that can truly wreak havoc on many areas of an individual’s life. Consulting with an experienced Rochester Hills chiropractor is a wonderful alternative to ignoring the fatigue and symptoms that ensue or taking medication or supplements that may come with side effects. Dr. Thomas Madigan and Dr. Brendan Shanahan have helped many practice members to put their pain and other discomforts behind them.

Who Suffers from Insomnia?

It is not uncommon for adults to suffer from insomnia. The terrible state of being tired and willing to sleep while lacking the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep affects many more people than you might think. It is possible for children to experience all of the same struggles going to sleep as adults. With children’s bodies still developing and requiring a consistent and predictable amount of sleep each night, it is incredibly important that any issues with sleeplessness be addressed quickly. For adults, the main difficulty that is seen in response to poor sleep habits is ongoing exhaustion and pain associated with tossing and turning. It is important to note the differences between struggling to fall asleep or just experiencing fatigue, since the symptoms can be similar.

How Can Your Rochester Hills Chiropractor Help to End Your Restlessness?

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Brendan will assess your underlying issues which might be causing some of the sleeplessness you are coping with. Oftentimes, back pain, stress, and headaches will either follow sleeplessness due to spinal misalignments, will are often causative of the insomnia itself.

Chiropractors Can Relieve Pain that Causes Insomnia

Pain can be a powerful motivator to induce restless feelings in both children and adults. Lower back pain, headaches, neck pain, and even restless legs can cause discomfort that keeps you from falling asleep. Children often experience disrupted sleep due to growth-related pains. A chiropractic adjustment can alleviate pain and restore good physical sleep conditions.

Chiropractors Can Adjust the Spine to Correct Misalignments

The most common cause seen by chiropractors such as those at Vitality Precision Chiropractic is spinal misalignment. When the spine has shifted out of alignment, the individual will have difficulty falling asleep because the nerves in the body can’t communicate properly, allowing for proper shutdown of the brain and wake time bodily functions. When the nervous system isn’t able to properly send signals, all sorts of systems and functions can be interrupted.

Chiropractors Can Help Reduce Dependence on Sleep Aids

In order to fall sleep without the use of over-the-counter or prescription medications, many will seek additional help so they can stop relying on medicine for restful sleep. Chiropractic adjustments should be able to aid in the reduction of medication use by our practice members. Doing so will allow the individual to say goodbye to unwanted side effects and enjoy the peaceful sleep they deserve.

If you are tired of being tired and want to enjoy your evenings again, contact our team to schedule your adjustment today! Your Rochester Hills chiropractors are here to help address your insomnia.

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