How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Balance

We fail to appreciate just how hard our bodies work to keep us standing and stable during our everyday lives as healthy, able-bodied people. We take for granted the ability to stand, walk, and run without experiencing dizziness or simply falling over. Balance and coordination are essential for us to get through our lives without tripping or falling, but it’s only when our balance is compromised that we seek assistance to prevent trips and falls.

Here at Vitality Precision Chiropractic, we believe in prevention over reaction, and we’d like to tell you how we can help you maintain your balance well into your golden years.

How Balance Is Lost

Most folks understand the basics of balance: the eyes and ears receive input from the environment, and the brain analyzes all this data and sends signals throughout the body to react to the situation. Most of these responses occur faster than the person is aware of, and they frequently react and move in response to stimuli even without being fully aware of it.

However, there is a great deal more to these functions in the human body. To produce the intended response, the neurological system provides the required signals to the body, and the structural components of the body must be free of misalignments that would block or pinch nerves. When these two systems are out of sync in any way, it can make it difficult for an individual to maintain balance and coordination.

Can Chiropractic Help with Balance?

Absolutely! A good chiropractor such as Dr. Thomas Madigan or Dr. Brendan Shanahan will be able to not only help your dizziness, but also prevent it from happening in the first place through proactive, vitality-focused care.

Chiropractic care focuses on straightening the spine so that the brain and the rest of the body can communicate more effectively, so the fact that it can help prevent imbalance is a no-brainer. However, not only can regular chiropractic appointments help to strengthen your musculoskeletal system and promote balance and coordination in your everyday life, but they can also solve other issues that seem completely unrelated—that is, until you remember how vital communication is to the overall function of the body. Chiropractors are trained to remove subluxations in the spine because the spine is the communication hub for the rest of the body. You may also benefit from chiropractic care because it improves circulation, which improves the health of your musculoskeletal system and prevents blood pressure drops which can cause faintness and dizzy spells. In short: your spine is the key to your own internal health! If you need a chiropractor in the Rochester Hills area, contact us today and schedule a consultation.