Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common complaint among many individuals—whether they play tennis or not—and is a form of tendinitis. Tendons attach muscle to bone, and when the tendons in your elbow are strained or overused, they get inflamed, causing lateral epicondylitis, otherwise known as tennis elbow. While many tennis players do suffer from this condition, anyone who performs repetitive motions with the elbow can experience this type of pain, including golfers, musicians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, and more.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Aside from radiating pain in the elbow itself, symptoms of this condition are primarily about pain and weakness when performing certain actions. Shaking hands, opening doors, holding heavy items, or performing repetitive motions with your arm or elbow can all bring about pain, discomfort, and signs of weakness when you’re suffering from tennis elbow.

Improving Tennis Elbow Pain

One of the first steps you should take if you have this type of pain is to rest and ice the area. Particularly if the pain has spread down the forearm or to the wrist, taking care to rest it until it heals is very important. The primary goal when it comes to improving tennis elbow pain is to reduce the inflammation that caused it. Although some short-term solutions may minimize pain quickly, they aren’t getting to the root of the problem for true, lasting, and permanent results.

Chiropractic Care for Tennis Elbow

One excellent option for true correction and long-term relief from tennis elbow pain is chiropractic care. While it is true that Rochester chiropractors deal primarily with the spine, the health of the spine actually impacts the health of every area of the body because of its connection with the central nervous system. Because the nervous system controls everything that takes place in the body, including swelling and healing of tendons, proper spinal alignment can greatly impact tennis elbow pain. Additionally, many individuals with tennis elbow tend to have cervical misalignments and neck pain in addition to their tennis elbow pain, and chiropractic care can help reduce those and bring health to the whole body. Optimal function of the body is the goal of chiropractic care, and when your body is working the way it should because of proper spinal alignment, everything will work better and heal faster.

If you want to learn more about neurologically-based chiropractic care, get in touch with Dr. Brendan Shanahan and Dr. Thomas Madigan of Vitality Precision Chiropractic. They are committed to improving the health and wellness of the entire Rochester community, and they would love to teach you all about the science behind chiropractic and how it can bring about huge benefits to your health and life.