How Chiropractic Care Promotes Joint Health

Most of the time, when we think about our joints, it’s because something is wrong. Joints exist to help us walk, run, move, and carry out our daily tasks. But when they are injured or in pain, these simple things become very difficult. Whether you are experiencing joint problems or want to prevent them in the future, a Rochester Hills chiropractor is the ideal provider to help you achieve long-term health in the joints. Not only is the spine full of joints, but simple adjustments can help the rest of your joints function properly as well.

Why Joint Pain Happens

The joints are complex areas of the body, allowing two bones to connect and using tissues to support movement and flexibility. There are a number of conditions that can impact these complex systems and cause joint pain and other issues.

Chronic Pain

Various conditions can directly impact the joints. The most common is arthritis, which can impact almost any joint in the body, from the fingers to the spine, and cause the joints to lose function. Another example is fibromyalgia, a condition where the body struggles to facilitate normal communication in the nervous system, causing pain in the joints along with memory issues, fatigue, and sleeping troubles. Over 20% of women over 60 also suffer from bone weakness and osteoporosis, which can be particularly problematic in the joints.


Acute injuries can cause all sorts of pain, including in the joints. It is common for workplace injuries, automobile accidents, and other traumatic events to lead to pain in the shoulders, knees, elbows, and hips. While these can be painful, they can usually be addressed with regular visits to Vitality Precision Chiropractic to ensure the joints remain aligned ad healthy. We often see children and adults who participate in sports as well.


Chronic inflammation of the joints can respond poorly to common pain management techniques but will often be helped by chiropractic care. Conditions like Lupus, Lyme disease, tendinitis, and bursitis are common reasons for this inflammation.

Chiropractic Care for Joints

All joints in the body, whether they are in the spine or not, depend on the spine to function properly. When the spine is not properly aligned, nerve communication is compromised and the central nervous system can’t properly operate the joints. Inflammation in the joints can even be directly linked to spinal misalignments.

When you visit Vitality Precision Chiropractic, Dr. Thomas Madigan and Dr. Brendan Shanahan will work to adjust the spine to return it to proper alignment, restoring nerve function and reducing joint

inflammation. In addition to reducing acute pain, this can help the joints function better in the long term, preventing future injury and discomfort. Contact us today to schedule your first visit with a Rochester Hills chiropractor and begin encouraging your joint health today!