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At Vitality Precision Chiropractic, we utilize one of the most specific, scientific chiropractic adjusting techniques in the world. Torque Release Technique is the first chiropractic technique of the new millennium and offers people of all ages the most gentle and reproducible adjustment available. Utilizing The Integrator, a torque and recoil release adjusting instrument, combines the best attributes from a variety of existing chiropractic techniques and principles, quantum physics and the body/mind connection. With chiropractic having entered its second century, this up-to-date, functional, scientific, neurologically based model is the best that is available today.

Torque Release Technique is a model that utilizes the multi-factorial approaches pioneered in the following techniques:

  • Thompson Terminal Point
  • Van Rumpt, D.N.F.T.
  • DeJarnette, S.O.T.
  • Logan Basic
  • Toftness
  • Palmer Upper Cervical
  • Network Chiropractic Spinal Anaylsis

The Integrator reproduces the entire thrust and movement components of Toggle Recoil at a speed of 1/10,000th of a second. Unlike most instruments available, The Integrator is legally marketed in the U.S. and is successfully FDA approved.

The attributes that make an Integrator adjustment so special and powerful are:

  1. Precise: When using an Integrator you can pinpoint the exact point on the spine that requires adjustment of nerve frequency. Manual adjusting lacks this degree of accuracy.
  2. Specific: The force, frequency of energy, torque, speed and thrust provided by the Integrator have all been tailor-made to deliver the perfect amount of energy to help normalize nerve function. Break through from a mechanistic attempt to facilitate neurological change to a system that ensures tonal change.
  3. Gentle: An Integrator adjustment can be delivered with the spine in a perfectly relaxed neutral position with the perfect amount of force: Whereas a traditional adjustment requires the spine to be stretched to a position of tension followed by the manual thrust by hand to sufficiently open the spinal joints to activate a cavitation response.
  4. Fast: The incredibly fast but shallow impulse is one of the secrets to the effectiveness of this adjustment while being so gentle.
  5. Recoil: Another of the secret ingredients built into the Integrator is recoil. This bounce in the impulse increases the body’s response.
  6. Torque: Subatomic particles, atoms, muscles, and human bodies move in three dimensions. The three-dimensional impulse of the Integrator maximizes the effectiveness on the human body.
  7. Effective: The benefits of Integrator adjustments have been measured by scientific research and this research has been published in major peer-reviewed medical journals.
  8. Reliable: The way that the Integrator delivers an adjustment is very consistent and reliable so that the right amount of force and energy is transmitted on each and every adjustment.
  9. Consistent: The systems that are used in TRT and the features of the Integrator are very standardized which means that several practitioners using the same method can deliver the same results and experience.
  10. Recognized: The Integrator holds several patents and is a legally marketed device for the adjustment of the Vertebral Subluxation; only available to licensed Doctors of Chiropractic.

Drs. Brendan and Thomas are two of a couple hundred who have achieved Advanced Proficiency Certification in Torque Release Technique. Torque Release Technique has been proven through research to be the most specific, scientific chiropractic technique in the world.

“Torque Release Technique is based upon what (the founders of chiropractic) Drs. D.D. and B.J. Palmer intended – that we have innate and genetic potential and that the subluxation interferes with this expression. TRT is a tonal technique based on constant never ending improvement.”

Matthew McCoy, D.C.
Director of Research Life University,
Chief Editor of Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research; VP of Council of Chiropractic Practice

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