4 Tips for Wearing Backpacks Safely

4 Tips for Wearing Backpacks Safely

Although we’re in the midst of the summer heat even here in Michigan, fall is just around the corner. With fall comes a return to school, and for some, that means the first time wearing a backpack in a long time. While some only took a break over the summer, many students have been out of in-person school for an extremely long time, meaning it’s been quite a while since they’ve lugged around a heavy backpack. As students return this fall, kids young and old need to keep in mind these tips for wearing their backpacks safely to keep spinal health at its best.

#1. Get the Right Type

While some teens see backpacks as a fashion accessory and it’s certainly okay to get a nice-looking one, function needs to take precedence over style. Avoid one-strap bags of any kind and make sure the shoulder straps have enough padding and width to be comfortable and supportive. It’s also a good idea to get one with several pockets, especially for older students, so that they can more evenly distribute the weight of their belongings to make carrying it more comfortable.

#2. Make Sure It Fits

It can be easy to get overzealous with the size of a backpack for little ones, and for older students to underestimate how big of a backpack they need. While it’s important to ensure the backpack is the right size for your needs and your body, it’s also important to make sure the straps fit well. The backpack shouldn’t hang beneath your rear end, so the straps need to be tightened if it does.

#3. Keep an Eye on the Weight

High school and college students often have multiple books, and many of them are huge and heavy! It can be hard to limit the weight of what students have to carry in their backpacks, but they should do whatever possible to reduce the weight that’s on their back. Heavy backpacks cause poor posture and spinal discomfort, which can lead to spinal misalignments and unnecessary pain. Try to place heavier items at the back and bottom of the backpack, with lighter items at the top and outside areas. Also, consider carrying some books in other ways or leaving some unneeded ones at home or in a locker.

#4. See a Chiropractor

Although this tip isn’t about actually wearing a backpack, being under chiropractic care is a great way to optimize your students’ spinal health this fall. Chiropractic care can help rebalance and realign the spine, which allows your children to stay healthy and pain-free all year long. Make an appointment with Rochester Hills chiropractors Dr. Brendan Shanahan and Dr. Thomas Madigan at Vitality Precision Chiropractic.